Has the time come to buy a new car? You can either choose to pay for an expensive brand-new model or go for a more cost-effective used vehicle instead. There’s a very good chance that you may opt for the latter, as new cars have become much too costly for many Americans to afford. However, there are certain common myths surrounding used car dealerships, and it’s time to shed light on the truth.

Myth #1: You Can Get A Better Deal By Going Through A Private Seller.

Let’s say you check the local paper or a for-sale-by-owner website and find a vehicle for sale that seems to be what you’re looking for. It’s not just a fair price, it’s a steal. Most people would be tempted to contact the seller and snap the bargain up. After all, any Joe or Jane looking to make a profit on their vehicle doesn’t have the overhead expenses that a dealership has.

However, you don’t really know what you’re getting with a private seller. They may get the car to look like it’s just left a dealership, but you have no idea whether there are problems you can’t spot just by looking at the body and under the hood. And, you’re buying the vehicle “As Is,” with no warranty. On the other hand, when you buy from a dealership the sales team is expected to be completely honest, informing buyers of any issues in a vehicle’s past. Most reliable dealerships carry certified pre-owned cars which receive comprehensive inspections and maintenance, and often come with warranties.

Myth #2: Investing in A Pre-Owned Vehicle Can Be Risky, As You Have No Idea About Its History.

It’s quite natural to doubt the quality and potential lifespan of used equipment. If you were to buy a second-hand television, game console, tablet, smartphone, or other technical item, you might wonder how much life it had left. With a car, you’re spending far more money than you would on any of the aforementioned products, and you want to feel reassured that your purchase won’t break down or be good for the trash within a few weeks.

First and foremost, all vehicles are assigned unique Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN’s) from the manufacturers with which to identify them. Any pre-owned car or truck you are interested in buying will normally have a history attached to it, with details on any accidents or service incidents it may have been involved in. There are various services, such as Carfax and AutoCheck, that provide vehicle history reports, at reasonable prices, by simply submitting the vehicle’s VIN online..

Of course, any reputable used car dealership will perform thorough checks on all vehicles available for sale and ensure that they are fit to sell. And many dealers also provide free history reports with the vehicles they sell.

Myth #3: Used Cars Simply Aren’t As Good As New Models.

Some buyers may believe that buying a used car is somehow taking a step down in terms of quality, or that they cannot expect a pre-owned model to be as good as a new one. Actually, used cars can come with a comprehensive warranty just as a new one does, covering buyers in much the same way. On top of this, the lower costs mean you will have more money available to make any upgrades or adjustments that you may want.

Alternatively, a used car could have been improved by their previous owner already. You might end up with a unique vehicle with impressive refinements at a far lower cost than a well-equipped new model.

Myth #4: You Should Buy A Car With A Lower Mileage To Avoid Potential Problems.

There’s a belief that a vehicle with low mileage might be a better investment than a model with higher mileage. A car with a low mileage can still experience issues and break down if it doesn’t receive the proper care and attention. Just because it has fewer miles on it doesn’t mean a car is as good as new, nor does one that has been driven more than average will leave you with less value for money. Checking the vehicle’s history report can provide you with insight as to how well it has been maintained.

Myth #5: A Used Car Is Never as Reliable As A New One.

Reliability is a key factor to consider in any purchase, particularly something as major as a car or truck. Just because a pre-owned vehicle is less expensive than a new model is no reflection on the value you can expect. A used car which has been well-maintained by the previous owner could be as reliable as a new one, though you should make sure your used car comes with a solid warranty too. Even a very well-maintained vehicle can still develop problems.

Another benefit of buying a used car is that any possible technical faults will already have been taken care of. New vehicles may have serious manufacturing issues, and those problems usually are not fully addressed until a sufficient number of incidents have occurred to result in a recall to remedy the problem. Most used cars that had such problems have already had the recalls and the related repairs completed. For this reason alone, a used car may turn out to be a more reliable option than a new model.

Myth #6: Used Car Dealerships Are Less Trustworthy Than Those Selling New Models.

Used car dealerships have been treated poorly by the media, particularly in movies and on television shows. Salespeople trying to make money on used cars are often represented as untrustworthy and dishonest. This is, of course, very unfair. Reputable used car dealerships have a history of outstanding service, build strong relationships with buyers, and ensure all vehicles are up to a high standard when put on sale.

The internet makes it far easier than ever to find the most reliable and trustworthy used car dealerships today. You can read up on past reviews, see what kind of experience previous customers have had, and feel comfortable with the dealership before you even step foot on the premises. After all, used car dealerships want to stay in business, just like those selling new cars do, and nothing helps them to do this more than providing excellent service.

Consider these myths and truths when the time comes to buy your next car, and you may well drive away from a dealership with a terrific vehicle at an unbeatable price!

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