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The Best Cars for Reliability and Low-Cost Repairs

The Best Cars for Reliability and Low-Cost Repairs

There are many ways to measure reliability in cars, with most agreeing that the best cars are those with the least amount of time spent in the repair shop. Without costly repairs, and time spent looking for alternative transportation, owners of these types of vehicles are likely to enjoy their vehicles more than those whose cars are less reliable. Owning a car can be an expensive proposition, especially when the cost of fuel and insurance coverage are also considered. Lowering the probability of repairs and keeping costs in line when they are necessary can help you save a lot of money and be happier with your purchase.

The most recent data shows that station wagons are once again at the top of the reliability list. Alternate fuel options also increase the reliability factor, with small SUVs rounding out the top three. On the other end of the spectrum are trucks and small cars. The bottom three vehicles types, when it comes to reliability, are pick-up trucks, compact cars and the even smaller subcompacts. However, keep in mind there are many individual models in this category that have low repair costs and high reliability.

It is no surprise that crossover vehicles are gaining popularity due to their fuel efficiency and reliability. Budget-conscious car shoppers should definitely check out any hybrid vehicles that are available, as they require, as a group, fewer repairs while also offering lower fuel costs. In addition to considering which types of cars are the most reliable, it also makes sense to look at those that cost the least to repair. Obviously, the most cost-effective car is the one that needs the least amount of repairs, with the next best thing being the ones that are cheapest to fix. If you are specifically looking for a vehicle that won’t cost you a lot of money during its usable lifespan, look at the most reliable types: wagons, hybrids and small SUVs.

If a wagon is not for you, check out a crossover or smaller SUV. If your heart is set on a sedan, it makes sense to opt for one that is a hybrid or electric as they will require fewer repairs and less maintenance. Within those classifications, there are other factors to consider when determining which type of car is the most appropriate vehicle for your needs. In general terms, the following types enjoy lower repair costs at the garage or mechanics:

• Newer models that are less likely to break down;
• Domestic cars, or those that are produced domestically and have lower costs

  associated with sourcing parts;
• Standard vehicles that do not require any custom work to repair.

If you are purchasing a used car, be sure to buy the vehicle from a reputable dealer that provides all the relevant repair information to you. There is nothing worse than purchasing a lemon! Do your research, especially when purchasing a pre-owned car to ensure that you don’t end up spending too much time in the mechanic’s garage! Owning a car that will not break down is important to most people, especially families with young children and teenage drivers. Do not allow yourself to be stranded by the side of the road and open to an even more dangerous situation than an unreliable vehicle! Keeping your car on the road will also help you avoid situations where you can fall victim to unscrupulous mechanics and garages.

Car safety has evolved just like most other types of mechanical machines and devices and opting for a vehicle with enhanced safety features will increase the level of reliability and safety that it provides. Rearview cameras can prevent unnecessary and avoidable fender benders from occurring, as will lane drift notification systems. Today’s safety features are becoming standard on most vehicles as they prove their worth by increasing the reliability of the vehicles. If you are wondering if these enhancements are worth the added expense, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, many insurance carriers offer discounts on their policies for vehicles with these added features.

These factors should help to keep your vehicle on the road and functioning as necessary. When purchasing a new car, consider the top three most reliable car types: wagons, alternative vehicles and small SUVs. But even if your vehicle needs fall into one of the bottom three categories, research can help you find one that you will be happy with. Reliability coupled with repairs at a lower price point can help you to keep your car on the road without taking a big bite out of your wallet!

At G&E Motors, we have been providing our customers with high quality, reliable, pre-owned cars and trucks for over 20 years. Every vehicle on our lot has undergone a 115-point quality inspection, and any repairs necessary are performed by our certified in-house technicians. In addition, all vehicles come with a Carfax report and a 30-day or 1000-mile warranty.

With 100% guaranteed financing, G&E can offer customers with all credit ratings a car loan that fits their budget. And, no matter what vehicle style or features you may be looking for, our extensive inventory is sure to include many vehicles that match those requirements. Stop in any time and we will help you drive away with the right car for your needs, with affordable financing.


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